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Ryan Douglas Cultivation: Why North American growers should start looking south

By: Richard Wordsworth

Ryan Douglas graduated with a liberal arts degree and an ill-timed, burgeoning interest in horticulture. While other liberal arts graduates were looking for office space, Douglas was looking at greenhouses.

Vitalis Extraction Technology: How CO2 can help put a “good face” on the cannabis industry

By: Richard Wordsworth

In 2018, Kostas Ioannou was looking for an opportunity to break into what he saw as a burgeoning market. At the same time, Vitalis Extraction Technology, a manufacturer of CO2 extraction systems, was looking for a representative in Europe. Ioannou now heads up Vitalis’ European Division.

Cannabis, evidence and policy: The case of Alfie Dingley

By: Richard Wordsworth

Hannah Deacon has answered these questions before.

When she speaks about her son Alfie, diagnosed as a baby with a vanishingly rare form of epilepsy, and the battle of attrition which would eventually lead to his prescription for medical cannabis, she’s fluent about the particulars of a disease in a way that only two sorts of people are: people who have studied it, and people who have lived with it. She recounts the bruising details of Alfie’s story without reliving them. She doesn’t sound uncaring - just tragically practiced. Hannah Deacon has answered these questions before in dozens of interviews - as the media, the public and the government weighed drug policy against the life of her son.

VK PREMIUM: Greece is medicinal cannabis’ road into Europe

By: Richard Wordsworth

Looking along the top bar of the VK PREMIUM consultancy website, one of the tabs stands out. Services on offer are, well, pretty much what you’d expect: there’s business consulting, training and investment guidance in energy, agriculture, tourism BRP and technology. There’s a drop-down menu for the company’s success stories. And then, sitting almost literally front and centre between the About Us and Contact links, is the ‘Medical Cannabis’ tab - a star billing for an industry that wasn’t made legal in Greece until early 2018.

Advanced Canna Technologies: The Israeli Agri-Tech For Cannabis Cultivation

By: Richard Wordsworth

Or Engler, CEO of Advanced Canna Technologies, is talking to us about fish.

It’s not, strictly speaking, the topic of our call - sustainable cannabis farming, Israeli agri-tech and the ballooning global market for commercial cannabis will all come later.