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Surviving the Commoditization of Cannabis

By: Bryan Sherman

As the cannabis supply increases and the industry regulations become stricter, with more prevalent testing for both medical and recreational grade, producers of cannabis should become aware of the issues that can make or break them.

The Future of Medical Cannabis Includes Pharma

By: Jacquie Cohen Roth

The future of medical cannabis is promising, yet it requires the leveraging of best practices and knowledge assets of the following industries: cannabis, technology, traditional Western medicine and pharmaceutical.

The Psychrometrics of Cannabis from Production through Post-Harvest

By: Bryan Sherman

Psychrometrics is the study of moist air. What most people don’t know is that there are a lot of properties of moist air. The psychrometric condition of a cannabis grow room plays a large part in how plants function.

The Greek Investment Incentive Law

By: Costas Vamvakas

The Investment Incentive Law (IIL) of Greece is a powerful tool used by the majority of investors to facilitate their business plans. In simple terms, enterprises that fall under the IIL, and which fulfill the requirements determined by it, can apply to the respective authority and receive considerable cash grants, subsidies or tax exemption from the state, so they can start or further develop their business activities in Greece.