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Meet the Cann-Expo Advisory Board

As events professionals we are well accustomed with what it takes to put together industry leading events.

First and foremost is the content - Our advisory board is a handpicked selection of key industry leaders covering the entire spectrum of the medical cannabis eco-system. These individuals are instrumental in helping us develop the event; ensuring the content we deliver is relevant and addresses industry challenges.

Our research with the Advisory board led us to settle on making Cann-Expo an event that focusses on the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of medical cannabis. In particular we consider supply chain management, the industrial-scale production of cannabinoid-based medicines, regulatory standards, and quality control procedures ensuring patient safety. By covering the entire seed-sale cycle, Cann-Expo discusses the production and development of cannabinoid medicines from both a practical & commercial perspective.

Some of the members you may already be familiar with, others may not be so widely known – nonetheless each member offers a unique perspective on the cannabis industry and has worked tirelessly with us to produce Cann-Expo.

So let’s meet the Advisory Board! 

Deepak Anand

Deepak is a recognized thought leader in the global cannabis space. He has previously served as vice president of business development and government relations at a Canadian cannabis consulting firm; vice president of a Health Canada-licensed producer; and as a board member for various pharmaceutical associations across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Instrumental in helping Health Canada develop their Medical Cannabis framework, Deepak is now the co-founder & CEO of Materia Ventures, a European-focused supply and distribution company for medical cannabis and CBD products.

Due to his comprehensive experiences, Deepak has offered us a vital insight into the Canadian medical cannabis market, as well as perspectives on the global challenges impacting the industry.

In particular Deepak has shared insights on how best we can learn from already regulated markets to create a harmonised regulatory framework in Europe, as well as perspectives on setting up global cannabis distribution networks.

Manos Chatiras

Manos is a recognised executive and proven business builder with an impeccable track record in the world of high finance across London and New York. His experience in building new businesses within supranational organisations gives him an invaluable understanding of how global businesses operate.

Manos has 15 years of investment management and finance experience, including 10 years at Deutsche Bank across its investment bank and asset management divisions.

Manos is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of HEXOMED, an affiliate of HEXO Corp. HEXOMED is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company specialised in medical cannabis.

HEXO Corp. was one of the first Canadian Licensed Producers to expand into Europe. At the event Manos will be sharing insights as to why HEXO selected Greece as their location of choice to initiate their European operations.

Jacquie Cohen Roth

Jacquie is a successful entrepreneur and creator of strategic and tactical brand resources for innovative business growth. Jacquie has founded two companies within the cannabis industry: CannabizMD and Tea Pad.

Cannabiz MD was created to educate, build and engage the cannabis ecosystem. Including three industry verticals (growers, processors and dispensaries); providers; regulators; ancillary service providers and policy influencers, Cannabiz MD offers models of best practices across the globe.

Tea Pad is a professional level networking group for the cannabis industry & cannabis curious with a focus on social justice. Jacquie is also a member of the nation’s first graduate program in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics at the University Of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and in 2019 she was recognized in Marijuana Business Magazine as one of their "Women to Watch".

Jacquie is dedicated to social and distributive justice in the medical cannabis industry, and has offered invaluable advice and support to us in this area. You can read her recent article on the Future of the Cannabis Industry on our Blog!

Or Engler

Or is an experienced entrepreneur, and Projects and Operations Manager in the fields of advanced commercial agriculture, cannabis cultivation, agriculture, hydroponics, aquaculture, and farming.

Over the last 15 years Or has been leading international, commercial-scale, advanced agricultural projects and start-ups, worldwide. Since 2014, as CEO, he has led the operations of Advanced Canna Technologies Ltd (ACT). ACT is a leading, Israeli, Cannabis Agricultural Company, providing agricultural consultancy services, operational management services, and turnkey projects to commercial Cannabis farms and projects globally.

Or’s knowledge of the obstacles impacting Israel’s medical cannabis market, has been a helpful comparison to identify where some of the challenges lie when establishing regulations and policies for a new and controversial industry like Medicinal Cannabis.

Frederik Henderiksen

Originally from Denmark, Frederik achieved a master’s degree in finance from Copenhagen Business School before setting out on start-up and finance related ventures internationally. Mile High Labs is a pioneer when it comes to compliance within the current regulatory frameworks for CBD. The company is also investing heavily in R&D, and works closely with a range of top universities on ensuring the highest standards of consumer safety as they develop a range of new products.

MHL are leaders in CBD extraction - Their large scale operations are setting the standards in the CBD industry as they continue to win awards in a variety of categories within the CBD industry.

Fred has been an integral contributor to the Cann-Expo, leveraging his expertise to provide us with a greater understanding of the nature of the CBD industry and the unique challenges impacting this sector.

Dr. Adele Hosseini

Adele, Chief Scientific Officer at Bod Australia, is a pharmacist with PhD and over 18 years foundation in leadership, global clinical research, regulatory affairs, and university lecturing, providing exposure across pharmaceuticals, clinical research organisation, medical devices, and academia.

Adele is a pioneer in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry leading Bod Australia’s Scientific Advisory Board and research program and is a member of the board of directors of a Canadian medicinal cannabis company. She is an active industry contributor helping to build knowledge and shape the direction and future of the global pharmaceutical medicinal cannabis industry.

Dr. Hosseini’s extensive experience and knowledge of the Medical Cannabis and Pharmaceutical spaces, gives us insight on the clinical trial stages for cannabis medicines and lends a valuable Australian perspective to Cann-Expo.

Kostas Ioannou

Based in Athens, Greece, Kostas has a background in the procurement of highly specialized engineering equipment for the oil and gas industry as well as extensive experience in both the regulatory and operations of clinical research.

Kostas is part of the European Team of Vitalis Extraction Technology, the largest leading Canadian original equipment manufacturer of extraction systems and turn-key processing lab solutions, powering facilities in five continents, including EuGMP installs. Kostas has been instrumental in helping many of the biggest LP’s navigate through the EU’s complex regulation policies.

Providing key support on the medical cannabis space in Greece, Kostas has shared his insights from a vendor perspective on the main challenges currently impacting the extraction sector in Europe.

Kostas is a fundamental voice for the Cann-Expo and is one of the biggest brand ambassadors for the event.

Emanuel Kotzian

For more than twenty years Emanuel has dedicated himself to educating about the effects of marijuana and lobbies for the re-normalisation of the cannabis plant. In 2000 Emanuel established Germany’s biggest Cannabis-Magazine “Hanf Journal”, where he currently serves as its CEO.

Emanuel has shared valuable contributions on the state of the German medical cannabis market, and has been vital in connecting us with some of the industry leaders in the German industry.

Lilac Mandeles

Lilac has years of experience as a business development and marketing executive in the pharmaceutical sector at Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and Teva Pharmaceutical , where she led the global strategic marketing of Copaxon, a $4B MS medicine.

After surveying as a VP global marketing, research and development for medical cannabis firm Better, Lilac is currently the CEO of TechForCann, a Tel Aviv-based company specialized in the adaptation of innovative technologies for the Cannabis Industry. 

Lilac brings with her a wealth of experience to help bridge the gap between the Medical Cannabis space and Pharmaceutical space. She also champions the importance innovation within the medical cannabis sector, in order to elevate the industry.

Lilac’s vast experience with start-ups means she is a valuable addition to the judging panel for the Cann-Expo Start-up Launchpad.

Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson is a 26-year health care executive who has managed successful US healthcare corporations of all shapes and sizes in the nation’s most regulated industries.

Michael is the founder and CEO of US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development (US Cannabis). US Cannabis was established to develop the legal cannabis, hemp and CBD markets across all platforms (education, investment, regulation, cultivation, production, dispensing, research and development, payments/cryptocurrency/banking, advocacy). Their mission is to move society forward through legalized cannabis.

Michael is sought after for his experience in creating and managing complex organizations which deal with extensive regulation, litigation, and risk of criminal and civil monetary penalties. 

As a huge voice in the Medical Cannabis space, globally, it has been great to have Michael’s insight and support on the Cann-Expo. Michael has highlighted key challenges including navigating the import & export market, and cannabis banking.

Vicky Prassa

Vicky is a long time cannabis professional, having experienced the transition from illegal Marijuana to legal Cannabis, she has worked her way up the Californian cannabis industry. Vicky is co-founder and CEO of Philocanna.

Philocanna develops oil based products, compliant with rules in the State of California, for sale in medical dispensaries. Philocanna is also currently funding clinical trials testing the synergy of cannabinoids and olive oil with three different universities researching early dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, MS, dental disease, cancer and adult autism.

In 2017 Vicky was key in aiding the then Greek government form the legislation for medical and hemp cultivation, & writing functional laws and procedures for Greece. Vicky remains in consultation with the current Greek government, as the European Parliament navigates the uncharted waters of cannabis legislation which is gradually taking form and leading towards the development of a functional and productive marketplace.

Vicky is another huge brand ambassador who has been integral to the development of the program and catering for the local Greek market too.

Alex Pombo

Alex, is Chief Executive Officer of Nerum Pharmaceuticals AG.

Nerum Pharmaceuticals AG is a pharmaceutical start-up based in Switzerland. Focussing on innovative ingredients and products for the phyto-pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical space, Nerum Pharmaceuticals work closely in collaboration with consumer product companies to bring new functionalities and therapeutic benefits to their final products.

Leveraging his experience within the pharmaceutical space Alex has contributed on issues such as how we can bridge the gap between the pharmaceutical and medical cannabis industries, and the market in South America.

Srinivasa Reddy

Srini has over 12 years of research and development experience in Plant Biotechnology, Genetics, Cancer Research, Plant-microbial Interaction and Nutrient Effect on growth and development of plants in controlled environment, Photo-biological Engineering, Controlled Environmental Agriculture and Lighting Research.

Srini has provided his influence on the scientific side of the agenda. He has been able to offer guidance on how plant biotechnology and R&D can work to drive the medical cannabis industry forward. Srini’s network have been exceptional in helping us develop the scientific content of the program and his vision has really helped shape the event.

Neil Thompson

Retired Colonel, Neil Thompson, is the Vice President, and manages Government Relations for the medical cannabis company Blue Mountain Botanical Medicines Corp.

In 2016 Neil began to help Blue Mountain Botanical Medicines Corp. prepare all the necessary documentation to receive the required approvals from the Government of Canada. He has been very successful in achieving these.

Neil was instrumental in helping us get the Cann-Expo off the ground, given his work already with the Canadian government. Neil was the first to highlight the importance of developing IP strategies for the cannabis industry, and his input on the agenda has been vital.

Costas Vamvakas

Over the past 15 years, Costas has provided advisory services in a wide spectrum of industries ensuring a solid deployment of investment plans and obtaining funding (e.g. through EU Structural Funds) for more than 800 companies.

Since 2017, Costas has been actively involved in facilitating medical cannabis investments in Greece, and ensuring companies meet the requirements required by the Greek government before new entrants to the Greek market can begin building facilities.

 As a founding partner, Costas is our man on the ground in Greece. He has been key to garnering support for the Cann-Expo from the Greek government and local licensed producers. 

Hear from our advisory board, and other industry experts at the Cann-Expo, in Athens, 21-22 October, 2020.

Full speaker line up and agenda coming soon!