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Surviving the Commoditization of Cannabis

By: Bryan Sherman

As the cannabis supply increases and the industry regulations become stricter, with more prevalent testing for both medical and recreational grade, producers of cannabis should become aware of the issues that can make or break them.

Meet the Cann-Expo Advisory Board

Our advisory board is a handpicked selection of key industry leaders covering the entire spectrum of the medical cannabis eco-system. These individuals are instrumental in helping us develop the event; ensuring the content we deliver is relevant and addresses industry challenges.

The Future of Medical Cannabis Includes Pharma

By: Jacquie Cohen Roth

The future of medical cannabis is promising, yet it requires the leveraging of best practices and knowledge assets of the following industries: cannabis, technology, traditional Western medicine and pharmaceutical.

Ryan Douglas Cultivation: Why North American growers should start looking south

By: Richard Wordsworth

Ryan Douglas graduated with a liberal arts degree and an ill-timed, burgeoning interest in horticulture. While other liberal arts graduates were looking for office space, Douglas was looking at greenhouses.

Vitalis Extraction Technology: How CO2 can help put a “good face” on the cannabis industry

By: Richard Wordsworth

In 2018, Kostas Ioannou was looking for an opportunity to break into what he saw as a burgeoning market. At the same time, Vitalis Extraction Technology, a manufacturer of CO2 extraction systems, was looking for a representative in Europe. Ioannou now heads up Vitalis’ European Division.

Cannabis, evidence and policy: The case of Alfie Dingley

By: Richard Wordsworth

Hannah Deacon has answered these questions before.

When she speaks about her son Alfie, diagnosed as a baby with a vanishingly rare form of epilepsy, and the battle of attrition which would eventually lead to his prescription for medical cannabis, she’s fluent about the particulars of a disease in a way that only two sorts of people are: people who have studied it, and people who have lived with it. She recounts the bruising details of Alfie’s story without reliving them. She doesn’t sound uncaring - just tragically practiced. Hannah Deacon has answered these questions before in dozens of interviews - as the media, the public and the government weighed drug policy against the life of her son.

The Psychrometrics of Cannabis from Production through Post-Harvest

By: Bryan Sherman

Psychrometrics is the study of moist air. What most people don’t know is that there are a lot of properties of moist air. The psychrometric condition of a cannabis grow room plays a large part in how plants function.

The Greek Investment Incentive Law

By: Costas Vamvakas

The Investment Incentive Law (IIL) of Greece is a powerful tool used by the majority of investors to facilitate their business plans. In simple terms, enterprises that fall under the IIL, and which fulfill the requirements determined by it, can apply to the respective authority and receive considerable cash grants, subsidies or tax exemption from the state, so they can start or further develop their business activities in Greece.

The Bioengineering of Cannabis

By: Ellie Dolgin

Genetic modification could enable industrial-scale production of cannabinoids that have pharmaceutical potential.

HEXOMED ‘grows’ innovative medical cannabis products

By legalising medical cannabis in the Eurozone and gaining traction with national legislators, things are about to get very busy in Greece and the world of HEXOMED.

VK PREMIUM: Greece is medicinal cannabis’ road into Europe

By: Richard Wordsworth

Looking along the top bar of the VK PREMIUM consultancy website, one of the tabs stands out. Services on offer are, well, pretty much what you’d expect: there’s business consulting, training and investment guidance in energy, agriculture, tourism BRP and technology. There’s a drop-down menu for the company’s success stories. And then, sitting almost literally front and centre between the About Us and Contact links, is the ‘Medical Cannabis’ tab - a star billing for an industry that wasn’t made legal in Greece until early 2018.

Advanced Canna Technologies: The Israeli Agri-Tech For Cannabis Cultivation

By: Richard Wordsworth

Or Engler, CEO of Advanced Canna Technologies, is talking to us about fish.

It’s not, strictly speaking, the topic of our call - sustainable cannabis farming, Israeli agri-tech and the ballooning global market for commercial cannabis will all come later.