21 - 22 October, 2020 | Athens, Greece

Cann-Expo 2020. The Future of Cannabis.

Success for cannabis companies will hinge on whether they can implement a successful supply chain strategy to address all of the initial issues. Those that get their supply chains right have the opportunity to become market leaders, while those that do not are likely to incur excessive costs, miss commitments and lose market share.”- PwC Canada

“When you look at the medical cannabis industry, the technologies that are being used are not very high-end. The biotech and agritech areas are lacking new technologies.” - Lilac Mandeles, CEO, TechForCann

“We see being in Greece as a springboard to the rest of Europe because of its location. They have a stable political situation, an economy ripe for a new industry and it’s a natural for cultivation” – Jay McMillan, VP Strategic Business Development, Hexo Corp

Cann-Expo is a unique event focused on the cannabis “seed-to-supply” cycle. Key areas of focus will include cultivation, extraction, processing, packaging and distribution. Incorporating high level, business to business networking, and showcasing cutting-edge extraction, manufacturing, processing and supply chain technology, Cann-Expo is set to become the unmissable cannabis business event.

The event will bring cannabis industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, experts, labs, product manufacturers together to debate best practices in the EU market. Brush up on latest cannabis news, policy issues as well as key peer to peer networking and delve into emerging industry issues.

    Cannabis Cultivation, Production & Distribution * Cannabis Innovation Science & Technology * World Regulatory Briefing on Cannabis * Cannabis Infused Product Innovation

Featured Advisory Board

Who will attend?

Licensed Producers / Growers

Health & Wellness Brands

Pharmaceuticals/ Phytopharma/ Biomedical/ Biotech


Healthcare Providers

Pet food brands

Licensed Medical Cannabis Importers / wholesalers

Sports Nutrition brands

FMCG – Food & Beverages

Academia & Government

Cosmetic companies

Financiers/ VC/ Incubators/ Angel capital

Who will exhibit?

Cultivation Products and services

Extraction & Processing equipment suppliers

Investors/ Banks/ Hedge Funds/ VC’s

Lab Testing Services

Legal services

Manufacturing equipment

Packaging & Supplies


Real estate companies

Security solution providers

Software & Tech providers

Training & Educational providers